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Holistic therapy treatments throughout Orpington and the surrounding areas

It may seem daunting when choosing which holistic therapy is right for you. Thankfully with the guidance and expertise of The Herbal Healing Clinic in Orpington, your health and wellbeing could benefit from our treatments. We offer a range of holistic therapies throughout Orpington, Bromley and the surrounding areas, and after a consultation we can decide if you need a single therapy or perhaps a combination of the therapies that we offer.

Graeme Litchfield

Ph.D., DBTh, D.Iridol, MURHP, MRadA

Herbal medicine

How can you heal?

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Call Now: 01689 854 927

• Medical Herbalist

• Radionics Practitioner (member of Radionic Association)

• Reiki Master & Teacher (member of UK Reiki Federation)

• Allergist (member of British Institute of Allergy and Environmental Therapy)

Plants have been the most natural basis for medicines through much of human civilisation. Find out how herbal medicine can help you.

Reiki healing

Reduce your stress and help yourself relax by taking advantage of Reiki healing treatments with us. To find out more, visit the Reiki Healing page.

Radionics healing

Radionic healing is a method of healing your person over distance by tuning into your body's energy. To find out more visit the Radionic Healing page.

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Allergy Testing

Are you experiencing unusual symptoms that you think could be caused by allergies? To find out more about our allergy testing, visit the Allergy Testing page.

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